Office Assistant

Office Job Description:

Blue Barn Land & Cattle is seeking a farm office assistant. This position has significant autonomy and encompasses a variety of tasks from record keeping to procurement. Duties include, but are not limited, to:

  • Compiling reports to USDA, FSA and other government agencies
  • Managing invoices
  • Database management and data entry
  • Logistical support such as freight booking
  • Precision agriculture support and data management

An ideal candidate will have some college education plus good personal and communication skills. Applicants should have working knowledge of Microsoft Office including Access. Accounting backgrounds are preferred but not required. 

Compensation is negotiable based on skills and experience. Expect a competitive hourly rate, overtime, eligibility for performance-based bonuses and benefits including health insurance.  

Blue Barn Land & Cattle is a fifth-generation family farm in central Kansas. We pride ourselves on diverse operations ranging from raising row crops such as wheat and corn to growing potatoes. We use advanced irrigation and production methods. In addition, we pride ourselves on building a sustainable and profitable business while maintaining a working culture that rewards professionalism and hard work.


For more information, send your cover letter, résumé and references to

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